Locus Media
Nancy McMonigal, Principal

Locus Media specializes in the transformation of traditional materials and interactive media into mainstream programs and cutting-edge communications tools.  This includes vehicles such as videos, webcasts, slide presentations, scientific animations, updatable library resources, and web-based training tools with electronic assessments.  Whatever technology needs are required for a project, whether it is a simple printed booklet or a complex, updatable CD-rom program, Locus is the expert at design and execution.

BSFG Advertising
Kevin Callahan, Principal

At the core of all effective communications materials is the need to identify a problem or goal and develop compelling and convincing creative solutions. Whether content-driven, image-focused, or interactive-edgy, the message always drives the creative. The result is artfully created, on-strategy work that stands the test of time. Although healthcare/pharmaceutical promotion has traditionally resulted in print media, BSFG recognizes the need and benefit of both print and interactive marketing strategies. As sales aids, direct response, and advertisements continue to make the transition into interactive media, BSFG can also help you balance your print strategy with a multimedia methodology.