Oncology strategy is our expertise, hence our approach is analytical in nature and follows a series of stages which ensure we are creating unique, relevant, and valuable programs for our clients and their customers. 

Each critical component is viewed from a situational analysis perspective, resulting in an event-of-decision rather than a simple acceptance or rejection.  In addition to deep situational analysis, the Chesapeake team also focuses heavily on solutions that apply to emerging business environments and evolving technologies such as genomics and proteomics.

Typically, our process for strategy recommendations involve understanding the market in which a drug or service is to be launched. Often this market analysis takes the form of benchmarking financial performance, analyzing the competitive landscape, evaluating industry best practices, and identifying additional opportunities and pathways for our clients to achieve a competitive advantage.

A key Chesapeake hallmark is that we incorporate the patients’ perspectives into the details of the process. By understanding the kinds of challenges patients face in their battles against cancer, the strategic drivers of research and development synchronize with compassionate options for patients and their caregivers.